Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“All Mr. Howell cares about is getting off the Island and money…All I care about is money and toys and video games.”  Hmmmm, Gilligan’s Island is corrupting my children.

Sweet Boy#3–“Guys, guess what the helthiest thing for me is? Germs!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Eggs are Christmas treats.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Grandma Judy will think I’m handsome with this coat and backpack.”

Sweet Boy#2’s teacher asked me to read the chapter that I wrote in Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Mothers in class for the children, and she asked Sweet Boy#2 to introduce me. This was the essence of what he said to his friends with a proud sweet smile on his face: “My momma writes and she tried and tried and tried really hard for years and years and years but no one would publish her at all.” His teacher and I gestured to the cover of the brand new book with my own published chapter inside and my little boy said: “Nope, no one ever published her at all.” Finally he remembered and I read my published chapter to the class. So so cute. I didn’t even realize he knew how long and hard I had been working, I don’t talk about it very much and I only write early in the morning before he wakes up. Man I love those boys.


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