Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–At church–“Did we miss cup and cracker?”–It took me a minute to realize that he was talking about communion.

Sweet Boy#3–Is mumbling about some immaginary game–“A baby in a food bowl, for animals, that eat hay. Just like Jesus.” Strange how “Away in a Manger” gets translated as “A Baby in a Food Bowl”.

Sweet Boy#3–Asks me what the books on the back of our toilet are. I tell him that one is The Way of the Wild Heart and the other is Uncle John’s Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader. He looks at the covers, one of which has some Mt. Climbers on the front. “So, it’s the way to potty up in the Himalayas?”

Sweet Boy#3–“I threw only one ball and a whole ruckus of them (bowling pins) fell down!”–I never knew that a group of bowling pins was called a ruckus. It makes sense though.

Sweet Boy#3–Looks at his juice. “Hmmm, it got lower.” Me–“Maybe you drank some.” Sweet Boy#3–“No, I think it evaporated a little.”

Momma–“Which should we clean first, the stiars or the house?” Sweet Boy#3–shouting–“Rocket Boots!”

Grandma Judy tells Sweet Boy#3 that she is sitting in traffic when they are talking on the phone. Sweet Boy#3– “Sitting in Traffick!!!” He is appropriatly horrified.

Sweet Boy#3–“Your right arm has the left hand.”

Sweet Boy#3–Invents and sings some songs with very interesting lyrics–“Shamu threw up on the biscuits, and the last lace in the store. He doesn’t ever know where to throw up…Whiskey is Captain Haddocks favorite drink…la la la!” –Hmmm, maybe we have been reading too many TinTin books and apparently witnessed too much doggy indigestion.



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