Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy #2–“Even these shoes are snugly. They’re very snugly, They’re as snugly as hair.”

Sweet Boy #3–“I scared of my nose.” Don’t ask me why. These things are incomprehensible.

Sweet Boy #2–“A kind of fungus is growing on your chair Momma.”

Sweet Boy #1–“No, that’s toothpaste.”

Me–“How do you know?”

Sweet Boy #1–“I tasted it.”

Sweet Boy #2–“I think we should polish your eye.” Squints and pokes his finger at his eyelid. “Because you don’t look very pretty.”

Yes I had failed to apply any beauty enhancements on that particular day. Who says that four-year-olds don’t notice your eyeshadow?

Sweet Boy #3–Pointing at Daddy on the bean bag couch. –“It is sleeping.”

Sweet Boy #2–“There’s a black hole in my poop!”

Sweet Boy #1–Rushing in to peer down the toilet–“I don’t see one.”


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