Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–Looks at our new hand soap and says–“That kind-of looks like deathbombs floating under sulfuric acid.” Too much Starblazers perhaps? It’s hard to say.

The boys have been looking forward to giving Daddy their Father’s Day gifts for more than a month. And I am finally able to tell them: “Tomorrow is Father’s Day.”

Sweet Boy#2 responds with a thoughtful question–“Is Grandpa Dave going to be alive tomorrow?”   Ah Lord, it is so hard to see my sons introduced to the realities of disease and death. Give us strenght and grace and glory.

After Sweet Boy#2 inquires about the number of calories in icecream he has more to say–“I just can’t burn out any energy, I’m getting wilder, I cant control my body! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!” And thus goes our heath talk concerning the intake and expenditure of energy.

Sweet Boy#3–“What are prunes?”

Momma–“They are like plums but usually people dry them.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Are they explosive?”

Sweet Boy#3–“I wish on the toilet was a sticker of a green face saying ‘Ugh!'”–He wants to put a Mr. Yuck sticker on the toilet…for obvious reasons.


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