Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–Informs me that one of his friends is always talking about “Beards and Beer”. I never knew that such manly topics were prevelant in 2nd grade. Apparently there was even discussion about growing beards of such magnitude that one could keep both food and beer within their tangled mass for consumption later. This of course was an easy segue into a discussion on the legal drinking age in our contry. Goodness.

Sweet Boy#2–I see that my blond boy has smuggled a red permanent marker outside and colored his entire body and face with red splotches and spots.

Momma–“What is this!”

Sweet Boy#2–“It’s my disguise.”

Momma–“Oh.” Words fail me on occasion.


Sweet Boy#3–Goes “Kickfuzzing” at Grandma Donna’s. This involves rushing around the lawn in his cowboy boots kicking

puffy dandelions with wild abandon.






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