Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Aunt Rolana built the boys a totally awesome chicken coop out of scraps from the burn pile. It is big enough for eight hens, has 2 roosting bars and a cute little balcony. Has 3 linoleum-lined nesting boxes and even has a name inspired by the Lord of the Rings. The Prancing Polish. A polish is a type of chicken. Here are the boys and the Hunky Hubby introducing Paintball (Sweet Boy#1’s chicken) to the new coop.

Here is a quote that the Hunky Hubby overheard.

“I am the Awful Denominator!” chants my 9-year old with a blanket draped over his head like a cloak.
“You mean a dementor?” asks his brother.
“I am the Awful Dementor!” he chants anew.
His menace was undermined slightly by the accompanying giggles.

Sweet Boy#3–Comes out of the pool with a very minty fragrance about him. He hands me my chlorine shampoo and bottle of mint tea tree oil conditioner. “I put on extra. I even put some in my armpits, because it smells so good!”

Me–“Did you rinse it off?”

His expression tells me all.


I come back from my morning walk to find Sweet Boy#3 in his Iron Man costume, complete with fabric muscles and gloves. All this, before breakfast.



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