Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–Looks at me and says–“You baked a muffin and stole my car!”–Someone has been watching too much Tick.


Sweet Boy#2–“These look like marbles, but they’re actually Dragons.”


Sweet Boy#3–While filling a squirt gun in the sink–“Little guys can do big things too, this is a big thing.” Veggie Tales anyone?


Sweet Boy#2–“Dear God, thankyou for our food, Amen.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Dear God, thankyou for everything, Amen.

Sweet Boy#2–“But not for mosquitoes, Amen.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I did thank God for mosquitoes!”


Sweet Boy#3–“I thank God for scratching and kittens.”


Sweet Boy#1 and Sweet Boy#2–Arguing in the bathroom over who is smartest.

Sweet Boy#1–“I’m in 2nd grade, your just in Kindergarten.”

Sweet Boy#2–“But my smartness depends on my hair, when it’s long I’m smarter.”

Sweet Boy#1–“But…” goes on to explain why he is smarter despite his brother’s hair.


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