Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–After a big fight with his brother’s he muses–“Tom and Jerry have to say sorry to each other a lot.” Perhaps it is encouraging to realize that although you have to apologize, you do not have to apologize nearly as much as Tom and Jerry.


Sweet Boy#3–The dog shuffles over and lays down on his blanky–“You mutten head.”

Daddy–“What is a mutton head?”

Sweet Boy#3–“A dog who lays on someone’s blanket.”


Sweet Boy#3–While snuggling Daddy–“I love him as much as 100 universes and I love you that much too. Isn’t that a lot?”


Sweet Boy#3–Has hiccups–“Momma, on some days my Adam’s apple is weird.”


Sweet Boy#3–“When I was born, I gone crazy…” pauses to think and crunch on a carrot, “Crazy doesn’t mean you don’t have a brain.”


Sweet Boy#3–“Mommy Mommy Mommy, I’m growing a bubble doughnut!”


After finishing How to be a Pirate with the boys, they all choose pirate names for themselves, Like Stoick the Vast or Alvin the Trecherous.

Sweet Boy#1–The Hammer Destroyer

Sweet Boy#2–The Sword Crusher or The Mountain Blower

Sweet Boy#3–The Lettuce Eater Forever or The Family Lover


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