Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“I want to put sunscreen on this ant so he won’t get burned outside.”


Someone asked my boys what they thought the hardest thing about being a parent was.

Their answers

Sweet Boy#1–“When they disobey.”

Sweet Boy#2–gave no comment.

Sweet Boy#3–“No! Its hardest not to get bitten!”


Sweet Boy#1–“In Scooby Doo they always try to scare you off…and I can’t believe they don’t get suspicious.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Do you see how un-realistic Mrs. Howel’s hair is?”

Sweet Boy#1–“I’m almost weighted down with weaponry. I can’t even bend down.”–He is trying to walk up the stairs with 5 nerf swords hidden in his clothes.

Sweet Boy#3–“My stomach is a super massive black hole…nother spoon of peanut butter please!”


The boys are Hydras–I’m sure you are wondering what all of their different heads breath.

Sweet Boy#1–“…and one head is Acid!”

Sweet Boy#2–“…Lava!”

Sweet Boy#3–“…and one head is snuggling.”

Sweet Boy#1–“I need 9 spoons of peanut butter, I have 9 heads.”


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