Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3—“I’m ready to obey. Only, I don’t like any of the things I have. I don’t like anything in the world…just you. I just like you.” Gives me a hug.

Sweet Boy#3—I put half & half on his oatmeal—“Half and half is a whole.”

Sweet Boy#3—“I want to change my name actually to…Mommy.”

Sweet Boy#3—After informing me that he doesn’t love me anymore—“I just hug you…and that doesn’t mean I love you.”

Sweet Boy#3—He tries to say something to the Hunky Hubby who doesn’t notice—“I’m gonna do stompy, stompy , stomping toward him, so that he will hear me.” The stomping works and the Hunky Hubby notices and does not fail to listen to and admire our little boy.


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