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Writing News

I have completed a word search for every use of the word “liver” in my manuscript. After examining each instance and determining if it was necessary and well done I then deleted those that I could and left those that I could not bear to cut. I also wrote an “Author’s Note” about the use of the words “liver”, “heart”, and soul in the ancient world. Although that felt strange as I am not an “Author” yet. But I suppose a “Writer’s Note” would have read funny. I find it morbidly humorous that awhile back I went through the entire manuscript and added as many usages of the word “liver” as I could. And now I find out that they are overwhelming! Aaaaaargh! Currently I am reading through the whole thing for one final time looking for any spots where my research gets out of control and I leave the reader wandering and confused in a wasteland of unexplained Assyrian terminology. But it is exciting in that this is my final read through. After this I will print that long awaited copy for the hunky hubby. I have a teen girl reading it and I will fix her corrections and if the hunky hubby makes it thought the whole thing I will fix his corrections too. So this last read through is frustrating because I am so so sick of reading this story. But exciting and a weee bit bitter sweet because it is my last effort on my own to make the thing right.

Breaking News

Last week our family went on “Adventure” to the Washington coast where we visited my firefighter brother and his family. He and his wife have three little ones 5, 3, and 2 and our boys had a glorious time with their cousins. They looked at dead crabs, dead jelly fish, living snails and bugs and bats, and pretty much ransacked the place steady for a week. The highlight for me was playing “Attack mermaid” with my nephews and their Aerial puppet as they have never warmed up to me that much before! The hunky hubby and my brother manned the herd while my sister-in-law and I spent a beautiful 2 hours in a coffee shop drinking hot beverages without the fear of spilling burning liquid on some precious little head and reading quietly. Now that was worthy of the term vacation. Of course our giant dog spent a good deal of time sniffing and frolicking in the serf as should be expected since he is a Newfoundland. Good times.


Parent Moment of the Week

We had recently been watching “Planet Earth” and the two big boys (4 ½ and 2 ½ ) were wrestling with the hunky hubby. Apparently he was a crocodile and they were furiously fleeing Wildebeests. Well the blond wildebeest (2 ½ ) fled through the kitchen and into the dinning room and the crocodile became entangled in the baby’s hop-n-pop. So the brown wildebeest (4 ½ ) kindly shouted out “Daddy, I’ll help you into the kitchen to get _______!” You gotta love brothers.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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