Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

This week…Have your character repair a damaged relationship. To visit my lovely sister, please click here.

Have Your Character Repair a Damaged Relationship

Bosomella peeked down at Miss Borka from her seat on a nearby acorn. The fiery glaze of insanity had left her eyes, leaving her with too pale skin and brittle looking  hair. Even though her posture was impeccable she left the impression of stooped exhaustion. Bosomella tugged a fading leaf from the branch above her.

What if she couldn’t make the contraption? What if Miss Borka never danced, never won the prince’s hand, never set the ladies in the ball room aflame with rage and jealousy?

She simply had to try. To refuse would be to accept a life time of servitude and Bosomella had not seen her mother slave and toil and finally escape the skunk farmer’s curse just to be beaten by an angry maiden with a limp.

No, she would see Miss Borka dancing and by all that was holy the whole room would blaze with the jealousy that she inspired. Bosomella let go of the acorn and dropped down on Miss Borka’s shoulder.

“All right. But we do it my way. The Bosom Blossomer first and then the dancing.”

A tired smile touched Miss Borka’s eyes for a moment before they entered the castle together. Sometimes being enraged was simply too exhausting, and making up had its own soft glory, like a blanket of newly fallen snow covering the scars of the world.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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  • mamagriffith

    glad to see your story is still doing well, mine is as dead as a door nail. The kids are all crazy today because of our lovley costal weather. bleck missing the fall weather up there and all the cousins. see you later!

  • Well, our lovely fall weather just flipped out and turned winter on us. We have two fresh inches of snow. And are of course in mourning over the loss of “the cousins” as well. They can’t wait until Dec. 6.

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