Writing News

Writing News

I finished writing my query this week. It truly is shocking how much time that single page business letter takes to create. But hopefully it will be worth the work in the end. I went to several agent and author websites to look at their recommendations and am now pleased with what I ended up putting to paper. But the rest of the week I used my writing time to set up my marvelous new Valentines day desk. A little bit early, but I’ll take it!

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and so space has always been a fiercely guarded commodity. I laughed as I read in my writing books about how a writer really should have her own writing space. Ok…I’ll try. I mumbled at the books. And I have, with varying results. First I sat in “The Bear” with a lap desk. Don’t look so shocked, “The Bear” was an enormous shaggy brown couch-like-chair from the 70’s that my husband brought into our home from his bachelor days. Very impressive, but enormous for something that only seated one, unless you wanted to snuggle. Then I put my little yard-sale desk between “The Bear” and our propane heater, using one edge of “The Bear” as my chair. Then I put my desk on the landing in the middle of our stairs. Yes, Shamu’s Landing. It was cold, and the dog has pretty much claimed it as his own. There wasn’t room for the both of us. Then I moved my little desk upstairs where our couch sits now…then I moved it to the half-wall between the living room and our kitchen and just created an office out of one side of our living room. There it resided for a number of years, until this week. Despite the fact that it is…a wee bit cluttered, I will leave you with a photo of my office as it was earlier this week. Then on Wednesday you can be properly wowed by the photo of my new office, in a new, more marvelous corner of the living room with my glorious new Valentines desk. Until then…

My Old Desk...In All Its Glory


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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  • It is a vast improvement, and I just got this awesome banker’s lamp at the antique mall that is absolutely perfect and of course creatively inspiring.

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