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Valentine’s Day

The Hunky Hubby and I were staring Valentines Day in the face and wondering how on earth to squeeze a date in when there wasn’t a sitter in sight. All of our best Camp staff were dating someone and thus occupied on the fourteenth and we don’t leave our boys with people we don’t know, really really know. We had just decided to get a take-n-bake pizza and a movie for after the boys fell asleep, when some ladies from a local church told us they were offering Valentines Day childcare. We knew them and trusted them and it was the most amazing gift at just the perfect time.

I think people forget how nothing is as important as your kids. How, yeah it might be valentines day but you absolutely are not going to leave your precious little ones with just anyone even though it is a national holiday. You give up stuff and are happy to give up stuff for your children. But it is so wonderful when someone remembers what it is like and gives you a chance to get out, knowing that your babies are safe and secure.

So yes we went out for Valentines Day. We watched a movie together and had bratwurst in Leavenworth and sat quietly together drinking coffee. A wonderful day together and the boys had a blast, we had to literally drag them away from the church for bedtime. Thank you CMBC ladies, for remembering.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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