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The Zoo in Colorado

While we were in Colorado my Aunt Liz took us on a lovely tour of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This was the most beautiful zoo that I have ever visited. It was stuck right into the mountainside and you hiked up and down and up and down to get to all of the exhibits. The animal enclosures were so nice and open and there was even an enormous balcony from which you could pet and feed the giraffes. It was a marvelous day and the boys were happy and engaged almost the entire time! A wonderful zoo experience all around.

Sweet Boy#1 Petting the Giraffe

Sweet Boy#2 Giving a Giraffe a Health Cookie
The Hunky Hubby with the Giraffe
Sweet Boy#3 and #2 Attempt to Speak MeerKat
Three Boys on a Leopard
Yey! Trout!
The Wilks Family and The Bear


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