Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Last week all of the cousins were roaming around the camp’s paintball course with buckets picking up paint balls. They were competing to see who could get the most and the other five had wandered up the hillside together. Sweet boy #2 was down below and concentrating so thoroughly upon his task that he didn’t notice anything else. Including the fact that every time he bent over to fetch a new paintball, all of his others would roll out of his bucket onto the ground. Right about when my lovely sister noticed this, (after probably 20 minutes of hard work on his part) he looked into his bucket and realized that he didn’t have any paint balls. Tears, agony, a broken heart. Seriously, it hurts me just remembering it. He was so devastated. I rushed over and picked up as many and I could find for him (about five), but then sweet boy#1 ran over and informed us that he had 28 paint balls sequestered snugly in his can. More tears, more agony, a crushed heart. Tragedy strikes at the most unlikely of times. But fear not, he has recovered most of the way and we expect extensive therapy (hunting for paint balls just him and the hunky hubby) to make his healing complete.

On Wednesdays the two big boys go to Awana with the hunky hubby. Feeling tired, I laid out their jammies, a small plate of cookies, and their toothbrushes in the hall and went to bed. But when they rushed into the living room in their post-Awana-euphoria, so did our Newfoundland dog Shamu. Who promptly slouched over to the little plate, slobbered on one of the cookies, and laid down on their jammies. The hunky hubby was not amused, although the boys didn’t even notice, they kept trying to convince me to give them the slobbery cookie instead of a fresh one. Go figure.

Sweet boy #1 and Sweet boy #2 have vastly different approaches to logic. We were driving down a windy mountain road (tip top) with a thousand or so foot drop on the left and the hunky hubby had to back up to go around a rock. Sweet boy #1 shouted out “It’s too high to back up! Remember that time you backed up to go get something before Awana and crashed into the snow bank? It could happen like that!” Flawless logic. Later that night when they bounded in after Awana I asked sweet boy #2 about the drive home. “We saw lots and lots of fires on the way home!” I look at the hunky hubby. He shook his head. There were no fires. Sweet boy #2 was looking and hoping for fires, but no actual flames had been spotted. The little guy views logic and truth a bit differently than his brother. Gotta love them though.


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