Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

I found a live spider in my tea cup when I got up to write in the morning!

The Hunky Hubby and I heard voices coming from the bathroom, even though only Sweet Boy#1 was currently occupying it. After listening carefully we realized that he was holding a conversation between two different imaginary creatures, one of which was Frank my brother and lovely sister’s spaniel who speaks with the voice of Igor. One of them would suggest that they play in the tree house or steal some priceless item from a bad guy and then Frank (in his Igor/peter lore voice) would agree. “Yessss, yeeessss. That is a wooonderful idea.”

At the beginning of a walk down to the meadow, Sweet Boy#3 stated “Momma, you’re pretty!” in a happy shouting voice. By the end of our adventure he was roaring a battle cry and charging at me brandishing a pointy marshmallow stick in his fury. What did I do to earn his wrath? I told him to put his stick down after he accidentally poked his brother three times. Emotions come and go like comets with that little boy. Well, no sticks or pointy objects this week. Maybe it will help.

Our grandpa dog Shamu followed us on a walk out to Inspiration Point. He made it most of the way even though he had to hobble and wheeze and refused to sit in the shade and wait for us to come back but just kept on trucking. My youngest kept looking back at him and saying:

“When Shamu catches up, I’m going to give him a pat.”

“When Shamu catches up, I’m going to give him a pat.”

“When Shamu catches up I’m going to give him a pat.”

“I’m going to give him a pat.”

Then he ran back to where Shamu was walking and slung his arm around his doggy and walked along with him. “See how much faster he’s going now that I’m helping him?” He was not going any faster. But he did lie down in a huge puddle and refuse to budge about half way back. The Hunky Hubby had to go and borrow a lawn tractor from my Grandfather and drive out and stick him in the little trailer to get him home. He’s such a sweet and stubborn old dog.

But the winner this week…

The Hunky Hubby came out of the house just in time to hear the boys say: “Watch this Daddy!” Then Sweet Boy#2 took off running down our sloped driveway. He had Shamu’s dog collar buckled around his waist. Two leashes were hooked to the dog collar. The end of the leashes was tied to the handle of our big Tonka dump truck. Crouching in the bed of the toy truck was Sweet Boy#1 going on the ride of his life. Everything went well…until they hit the curve at the bottom. Sweet Boy#1 rushed inside to me seeking medical aid for some substantial road rash down one leg. But man were they going fast!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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