Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

This is a sampling of our harrowing moments from the last month and a half…enjoy.

Sweet Boy#1–Caught sledding on Choco’s car. Yep, he had crawled up onto the roof of Choco’s Subaru, hopped into his saucer sled, and zipped down the windshield, over the hood, and into the fluffy oblivion beyond.

Sweet Boy#3–Chews his pizza into a gun shape and then proceeds to shoot everyone with his dangerous dinner.


Sweet Boy#1–Shouts up to his brother from the back yard trying to get him to come outside to play

Sweet Boy#2–Shouts back to his brother–“I have to be in my room, I’m being a fussy gussy.”


Momma–“You need to come and apologize for how you were acting.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Ok, but I don’t want to anser a lot of questions.”


Sweet Boy#2 and Sweet Boy#3–Have a terrible screaming fight over whether they should put the boots onto the boot dryer with the pairs situated diagonally or horizontally.

Sweet Boy#1 and Sweet Boy#3–Jump into the bathtub fully clothed and the run around the house streaming gallons of water and dripping on their brother.

The winner this week…

I know the Hunky Hubby already highlighted this on facebook but still this one took the cake. The Hunky Hubby heard chanting from the other room: “To Shamu, to Shamu, to Shamu!!!” And noticed that Sweet Boy#1 and Sweet Boy#3 were dragging Sweet Boy#2 toward are 155 pound dog and shouting out “Shamu, we have a sacrifice for you.” Finally they got their struggling sacrifice to the slobbery monster and of course our Newfy obliged by licking him thoroughly and somehow the sacrifice managed to grab onto the Christmas tree and knock it over spreading water everywhere and shattering ornaments. Now I know exactly what would happen if the boys were forced to become feral children.



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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