Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

I was sending sweet boy #1 into his room for time out. Although only 5 1/2 he is great with math. Therefore not wanting to regulate his time out I commanded him to count to 115 and then return. In an extremely put out voice sweet boy #1 replied: “But Mama, I can count to 210.”

Sweet boy #2 was in the midst of some imaginary adventure and he informed me: “I’m a baby Tamarack Tree.” Then he stiffened his arms at his sides, stood as tall as he could, and slowly tipped over, crashing onto the bed. Just like a tree being felled in the forest. Perhaps this will be the newest fad in Pre-School imaginary thought.

I asked sweet boy #1 to tell me about one of his favorite movies (a documentary on the milky way) and he promptly began to give me a tour of the universe. After traveling for many light years he informed me in these exact words that: “There you will find countless billions of galaxies!” I see a Trekkie in the making.

And finally

Sweet boy #2 was upset and so ,like a fool, I questioned him as to the cause of his disgruntlement. “I couldn’t get my boogies out because they were too short.” What was too short I asked. “My fingernails.”


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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  • Ha Ha! I hadn’t even heard the Tamarack Baby story. Yesterday SB#1 was telling Shoe and Choco that he could count from 1 to 210 or from 0 to 209. Apparently he has a finite counting range at this time.


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