Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week


For our “forced family fun” on Sunday we decided to go snowshoeing!

Why on earth would we have to force our sons to have fun? They are all teenagers. All you parents of teens are nodding. Those who are still confused, you need more teens in your lives! 

Teens are wonderful! They are lovably grumpy, keep you honest by always pointing out your faulty logic, and fill your life with hilarity and eye-rolls as they are both incredibly funny and deeply horrified whenever you yourself attempt to be funny. Seriously, we need more teens. They keep things interesting!

However, they also require much convincing. 

Teenage boy–“Why would we want to go snowshoeing?”

Mother of teenage boy–“Because we want to do something as a family and this will provide exercise, fresh air, and time together.”

Teenage boy–“We don’t want to be with our family. Fresh air is poisonous. All snowshoeing will provide is blisters.”

Mother of teenage boy–“That, too. Fresh air, time with your family, and blisters. Yay! Now put your boots on.”

That is just a small sampling of the kind of lively dialogue one can expect from their exasperated teen. See? Teens really are the best! Our camp intern accompanied us without complaint … then again, we didn’t force her to join us. But as I have said before, teen boys would stare at screens until they started growing mold, so step one to a fine family outing is dragging them outside against their will! Don’t worry, it is well worth your effort.

You do have to make concessions for a well-argued point. Two of the boys didn’t snow-shoe but wore boots instead. They sited extreme calf pain as the reason. Since the “being together” part was most important for us, we acquiesced. 

Well, after snowshoeing the trail myself, I see exactly what they mean now about the calf pain! Also, I got a blister. 

But watching my sons and husband have an impromptu snowball fight, priceless!

Scruffy looks so surprised that his sons would dare throw a snowball at dear old dad.

The key key phrase there, “his sons.” 

Yes, he has taught them well!

Oooh, mid-air snowball!

Brennan takes cover behind Princess Leia Freyja. She is unconcerned about snow of all varieties whether it is on the ground or flying through the air. Newfies just love the cool temperatures!

Scruff  also taught his boys how to help a person who has fallen into a snowbank. Why, sit on them of course!

Princess Leia Freyja interrupts Brennan’s “help” by giving Scruffy revitalizing kisses and slobbers.

Ah, yes. Mercy at last.

Now, it wasn’t the snowball fight, Scruff getting stuck, or even my blister that caused us to go back. Poor Princess Leia Freyja started limping due to an old shoulder injury. So we took our delightfully sarcastic teens back home and gave our pup a rest.

A beautiful winter day together, even if it was forced fun!



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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