Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I real Lament by Maggie Stiefvater author of Shiver and Linger. She wrote this book and one other before her werewolf books made her successful, but I like these better. She writes about the fey. About faeries in the tradition of Irish legend. Not the stories where faeries are cute little skipping guys with shiny belt buckles who hand out pots of gold. No, these are the stories where if you don’t wear iron during the summer solstice the faeries will step out of the darkness to dance and kidnap and rape. Maybe the fierce and deadly legends of the fey weren’t romantic enough and that’s why she decided to go to werewolves. But I thought Lament was wonderful. Talented young harpist falls for deadly faerie assassin. Of course I do wonder why, after over a thousand years of slaughter, he fell for a shy girl who vomits every time she has to preform on stage, but of course wows everyone with her inner musical goddess. Why why why? Ah…who cares. It was romantic. But a warning to my lovely sister. If you are to enjoy this book you must completely purge yourself of your anger at a certain unnamed author. If you are constantly growling about how all teen fiction is derivative of that Emo vampire and his clumsy bride, you won’t enjoy any of this. And isn’t all fiction derivative, in one way or another.

Speaking of which, Happy Birthday!!! I love you Mama Griffith.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

3 thoughts on “Reading Tai-Bo

  • mamagriffith

    I have no anger.I just thought the twilight books were funny. The fact that linger seemed as if it wanted desperately to tug on the coat tails of teen fiction popularity was more than coincidental.
    Thank you for the birthday call this AM it was lovely.

  • mamagriffith

    haha, I meant to say shiver…not linger!!!I need to return to the coffee pot this AM!!!

  • Hmmmm…no anger. Well you will still have to pretend you know nothing about girls falling for hot, dangerous, supernatural predators and then you might be able to enjoy the book…maybe…I enjoyed the book. I like vicious faeries and was able to imagine that this book came first and that twilight was derivative. Would that work?

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