Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

In preparation for the release of Rick Riordan’s fourth book in his Heroes of Olympus series, I have been reading all of the Percy Jackson books and then the three other Heroes of Olympus books. I’m right in the middle of The Lost Hero right now, but I started that one after I read book #2 and #3. It is difficult for me to go from a series that is in first person to the second one that is in third person. But after reading three books in third person I’m there with the characters and ready for the fourth book to come out.

What did I learn from my reading this week…

That first person POV truly is a more intimate journey with main character. Third person POV does give you advantages with description and setting, but it is hard to jump from one to another. It can be done, but as a writer I need to think about what the different POV choices I make will mean to a reader.


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