Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

I couldn’t help it, I kept going with the O’Malley series. I really do love these books. Despite the dialogue. This week I read “The Protector” by Dee Henderson, book 4 of her O’Malley Series. This one is about Jack the firefighter. So…what did I learn from my reading this week? That humor is hard to do. Jack is the funny O’Malley and there are several awkward moments where that humor doesn’t quite come through. Better take a class on humorous writing or something because I actually see this a lot in books.

Why do I love the book? I like the people and the red herring is set up really well. The real arsonist is there all along talking to everyone and stuff and you never guess it. And of course all of the fun info about fighting fires is fascinating. She does a superb job with her research as far as I can tell. I’ll be taking the final O’Malley book with me on vacation, I just had to finish them once I started. Fun books.


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