Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

I’m still going through the O’Malley series by Dee Henderson. This week I read The Guardian and The Truth Seeker. What did I learn from my reading this week? That sometimes the reason a book is your favorite is because it was well done. The Truth Seeker has always been my favorite of the six books, but I had never before paused to consider just why. After some thought on the subject I began to see that this book stands above the others in several ways. The characters are unique. Both the male and female lead are quite different than the other characters in the series. Pacing, Henderson doesn’t let the reader get too comfortable before some other plot development shakes things up. Plotting, real stuff happens. In one of her earlier books there is a breach in the security grid and you get all keyed up only to realize that it was a stray cat. And then she never has any actual bad guy breach security after that. But in The Truth Seeker all sorts of terrible things happen. Fires, more fires, people dig up bodies, scary notes, dead pets, and someone even falls through a rickety stairway and gets impaled. Don’t worry, she lives. And add to that some tricksy red herrings and a hero and heroine who have major issues with each other, you can see why this book is riveting. Still has the silly dialogue, but I absolutely adore this book. A personal favorite and a good read.


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  • Grandma Judy

    Is ‘The Truth Seeker’ about the medical examiner? I’m trying to remember which book that is. Can’t tell you which one was my favorite, I loved them all. Will have to read them again to decide. What a good idea!

    Love to you.

  • “The Truth Seeker” is the one with Lisa the Forensic Pathologist. But I’m sure your thinking of the right one. She examines dead bodies and stuff. Love that book!

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