Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

I whisked through an urban-fantasy detective novel this week. One of my favorites. It has insane faerie queens duking it out on a battlefield made out of hurricanes over the city of Chicago. Very fun. What did I learn from my reading? If you want to give something weight and a fear factor, say that it is dangerous by using the reactions of your characters. So far in this series the protagonist has battled monsters. In this book he is up against faeries. They don’t seem all that horrible at first, but characters who thought nothing of leaping into the fray against vampires and ghouls are quaking in their proverbial boots at the thought of tangling with the faeries. It’s affective, and eventually the reader sees their power and cruelty up close but that takes time and the trembling reaction of otherwise brave individuals makes the situation seem serious enough for the reader to continue and find out for herself just how awful the perpetually glamorous beauties of the never never can be. Although I suppose a female reader who has weathered at least 2.5 weeks of High School would have no problem with this story scenario. Good times.


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