Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn from reading this week?

That dialogue can make or break a book.

I know, we all kindof know that. But it really is true. I just finished reading The Perilous Sea by Sherri Thomas for my long awaited reading day.


And I loved it!

This is everything that a good secular YA novel should be. Beautifully written with snappy dialogue and a fun twisty plot. But oh the dialogue, it was the best part. Now I am reading an old favorite. Guilt by Association by Gilbert Morris. And there are some cheesy moments of dialogue, especially the “preaching” scenes. When the dialogue sings, it just makes the book perfect. Now this book is a favorite because I love the characters and the mystery and the romance. But I find myself appreciating the kind of dialogue that Sherry Thomas pulled off more and more. It is a special thrill to find such wonderful dialogue in a book. Back to the drawing board. Now I need to make my dialogue sing!



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