Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn from my reading this week?

That men and women really do write differently.

At the recommendation of a friend, I sadly left the Gallagher Girls books behind and jumped into the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson. Both book series feature a strong female protagonist doing fierce and spy like activities while sometimes running for their lives. They are very very different.

It took me a little bit to get into the Maximum Ride books because Max sometimes…well sometimes she kinda feels like a guy. She feels things with strong, clear, sweeping precision. Boom, she is protective. Boom, she is angry. Boom, she is like a mother to her flock. It is all very clean and clear and…like a guy. Cammy, in the Gallagher Girls series is very much a girl. She waffles back and forth and doesn’t know exactly what she feels half the time. But when she does, boy you better watch out because that girl can beat your booty into the next county just as thoroughly as Max. Now I’m starting in on the third book and Max is gaining more character complexity over time. I’m really enjoying her. But it did remind me that yeah, we are either male or female and our writing will show that. It’s not bad. I’m glad James Patterson wrote from a female perspective. Max is great. It just took a bit of getting used to is all.


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