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Cousins on the Coast

Our last hoorah for the summer is a coveted week long visit to “The Cousins” house on the Washington Pennensula. After much driving we arrived Sunday afternoon and the play commenced. Fog and sleet and rain and sand cannot stop the mad rush of estatic cousins for a week of joy at the ocean together. All six kids dug animal nests under the porch and captured snails and made mazes for those snails and just frolicked in general. We ransacked McDonald’s, and hiked to the local Mom and Pop store to purchase gummy worms with the boy’s hard earned dinero from picking up apples for a friend on the way down (thank you Sarah), we picked blackberries and made pie, and sang verse after verse of “Shiver my Timbers” while digging in the sand. Such times are the blocks which construct a childhood and I am relishing the week. Soon school will begin and that will be good too, but each moment here is just so priceless, I’m letting each one soak into my skin like…uh…blobs of spf 50 on an August afternoon, an eastside August afternoon, we havn’t applied sunscreen since we crossed the Cascades two days ago.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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