Campfire Saturday

Campfire Saturday

It’s Campfire Saturday!

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Worn Down

Usually we think of being worn down as a bad thing.

Like when a child asks for a 10lb bag of candy 102 consecutive times until finally the worn down parent snatches up all that sugar and serves it for breakfast all the next week. An unlikely scenario? Have you ever had someone ask you for something 102 consecutive times? But yes, it is unlikely, a 10lb bag of candy would never last a week, but I digress. Yeah, I’m a little worn down, too.

This week I saw people who were worn down, and it was such a beautiful thing to behold.

There was the normal variety of worn down, camp staff giving deeply of themselves after an entire summer of service. Sleepy, teary, sunburnt, and yet still smiling. Loving the kids with more than human love, because God was all that was left.

But I saw something else.

Something that opened my eyes to what we are about here at camp, to the particular brand of service that God has called us to.

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