Camp News

Camp News

Forgive me the blog silence. I have been exhausted, and busy, and exhausted again.

As you know, the whole desperate times desperate measures scenerio has recently forced me out of retirement and placed me smack into the middle of camping ministry once more. For one week at least I was a camp counselor again.

I went into this with an enormous amount of prayer. And lo and behold every door closed until I was the one with the cabin of high school aged girls. When I got married almost ten years ago, I accepted the fact that I would probably never counsel again. When I had my first baby I accepted the fact that I was unable to even be the prayer counselor for the girls. And this spring I was crying with DK (you know who you are) wondering if God could find some kind of place for me to minister, despite me three rowdy sons and unfortunate lack of free time.

And then The Hunky Hubby took charge of our fierce young brood and sent me back into the glorious world of camping. I was properly terrified. And yet He walked with me, every single step. When I was at the dollar store purchasing feather boa’s for my cabin (what? you didn’t realize that feather boas are a camping requirement?) I thought that maybe I would have 5 or 6 girls, I went to buy 7 but paused. What if I had 8 girls…so I bought 9 boas. And yes I had 8 girls and the 9 boas left one for me to wear. I also bought 9 mini nail polishes. Despite my innate cheapness, God took care of these little details.

Our Cabin

I was certain that my girls would refuse to participate in all of the glorious fun-filled ideas that God had rushed my way. But from the moment I busted out the temporary hair dye on our first day they were up for anything. Seriously, these were the awesomest girls alive. Pranking, they had it. Baking cookies at 1:00am, all over it. Midnight slip n slide, piece of cake. With the one exception of crawling through a field of stinging nettles in the dark during capture the flag (possibly not my most brilliant plan) they were ready to tackle any absurdity that I placed before them. A truly awesome collection of high-school femininity.

Blue hair? No Problem!

We voted about the different boy cabins and decided that we would loathe Eagles Loft, Adore Owls Perch, and have entirely neutral feelings about Robin’s Roost. Then we packed a pile of popcorn into the Eagle’s Loft doorway behind a taped-on garbage bag, placed a bowl of buttery popcorn before the door of our beloved Owls, and put a small container of popcorn seeds before Robin’s Roost. So fun! And for the sand castle competitions I was even able to convince them to build the Tigris River, Royal Assyrian game park, and the Ziggurat at Nineveh!

Sand Ziggurat

I acquired 27 new bruises. 20 on my legs, 6 on my arms, and one huge baseball sized one on my right shoulder blade. How you may ask? Night games, paintball, speedball, and the slip n slide. All bruise worthy pursuits. I rode a waterlogged log in lake Chelan for over an hour with 6 other people, falling off and screaming and pretending to row at battle speed toward imaginary enemies. I led my girls in accomplishing an incredibly stupid skit and they memorized every single memory verse for the week. They worked so hard and were so awesome! I was astounded.

Kristen's New Bruises

They even failed to tar and feather me when I was forced to fetter their fashion choices with demands for modesty, every single day.

We had great cabin times. Yes you heard me right. Great cabin times. We got deep into God’s word and cried out before Him and had the pleasure of seeing God tear down the old and hang up the new in our lives.

Camp was my identity at one time, and I thought that it was completely lost to me. And it was. But after I prayed and cried and despaired, God plopped this glorious week smack into the middle of my lap and I am shocked and grateful. And humbled, that He would look so deeply within me and realize what I myself didn’t know I had been pining for, and then have the audacity to think that He could actually use me, an ancient Mom of 32 years. Astounding.


I love camp. The smell of a summer night descending upon the trees. The bite to the air in the early morning as one is stumbling toward staff meeting. That sweet, relaxed insanity as cabins are setting up for breakfast, listening to Newsboys blaring on the sound system, when you’ve gotten only a couple of hours of sleep and the other tables keep making you run around the cabin for not putting your napkin on your lap. Mocha sipped from an ancient pewter mug. Desperate prayers for strength because you caught yourself dead asleep during chapel and you know that you have dunk tank and memory verses to accomplish before you can collapse dead to the world. Camp is strangely relaxing for me. Much much less stressful than parenting. I love it, and yet I barely survived. I was bursting into tears at random moments all week, so exhausted. And yet He carefully placed me exactly where He wanted me, and used me, and it was completely glorious.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

6 thoughts on “Camp News

  • mamagriffith

    YEAH!!! you made it! Im so happy for you!

  • Dearest Boo-Boo:)

    I got your letter and almost broke into tears. You are an amazing lady! I felt very privalged to have you as my counselor! I will be honest with you right now, i was worried when you told us that you were going to be our counselor, i think we all were, We were afraid that you were going to be a mommy to us, you were but you were also a friend, a sister and above all you were our angel. Thank you for everything, for helping me give my life back to God!
    I love you and hope to hear from you soon!

  • I’m so glad that God placed you right there this last week! What a blessing for you, and I know you must have been an amazing blessing to them! You still have it! 😉
    BTW, now that we’re home and I’m slowly recovering from my own few weeks of sleep deprivation and massive packing and laundry, I’ll be ready to jump back into your manuscript. I was sad to leave it behind when we left, but I was pretty sure you didn’t want it covered in layers of dust with perhaps a few crickets pressed between the pages… 😉

  • Momma Griffith–Yep, alive and well! It took several days of sleeping but I am back and the camp bruises are fading nicely.
    Jen–I miss you too! I miss everyone and camp and Bears Abode and watching you guys finish an entire pitcher of syrup… I am praying for each of you every night and in all truth have grown to love you all. It’s like God gave me 8 daughters for a week knowing that our family would consist of all boys. Come to discipleship camp, I want to see everyone!
    Heather-It was such an awesome week and I’m so glad that God put me there! And I’m glad that you made it back from Mexico. I’m sure the drama of your trip will assist you as you help me to edit the drama of my story. Happy reading.

  • Grandma Judy

    Sure looks like and sounds like a terrific and wonderful week. God is so good to stretch us and then give us what we need in the stretching :-). I don’t enjoy the stretching but the results are great.

    Love you.

  • Samantha T

    Hi Boo Boo! How have you been? I’m in Montana on vacation right now as I write this comment. I’m having fun so far. I was really glad to have you as my counselor, and I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    I got your second letter.

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