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Breaking News

Ah yes, on Monday I left you horrified with this terrible image…

My Old Desk...In All Its Glory

Believe me, even when it was tidy and organized and didn’t have a bunch of AWANA bags stuffed in the corner with my filing box, it wasn’t gloriously beautiful. But then the hunky hubby brought something into the house after I had fallen asleep, moved some shelves and vacuumed, and the next morning I woke up to the sight of this…
Valentines Suprise

I have always wanted an old fashioned roll top desk! But they are so expensive and so very huge. Not really apartment compatible. But then, on craigslist, a gorgeous gleaming piece of office heaven and it’s a baby one. The same size as a school desk…but in Yakima. Who can afford to take their 3 small children for a 5 hour drive to get their dream desk. Not me, I’m afraid. But the Hunky Hubby said: “Leave it to me.” And there it sat, brilliant and beautiful, ready for me to set up. Ah desk, glorious desk. Thank you Hunky Hubby. He even left a card with hearts on it…so sweet.
My New Office

And so, after several days of sorting random desk clutter and moving all my stuff to my new marvelous office corner, there you have it. My new office, with my new beautiful roll top desk.

The Hunky Hubby even brought me home a rose to put on the top with a few pictures. And see how much space I have to clutter up to my hearts desire. But does the clutter stay out in the open to cause ulcers and stress…No! I just roll down the top and poof! Tidy desk. Ah, I love you roll top desk, and you Hunky Hubby!

Oooh and look! On our Valentines date we went and found this marvelous lamp at the antique mall. Did I mention that I love my new office?

My Marvelous New Lamp


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9 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • mamagriffith

    Wow this is fantastic! I am SO happy for you. It fits right in the spot too!!! Cant wait to revel in its glory when I com up next.

  • Grandma Judy

    I love it, love it, love it!!!! Great job Hunky Hubby!!! The rose, the lamp, all is wonderful. Oh, we got the pictures you sent. Thank you SO much. I was surprised and delighted to receive older pictures when your two oldest were so small.

    Love to you.

  • Mama Griffith, I can’t wait for you to revel in its glory as well, you should take the quick 6-8 hour drive up here to see it. Mom, I’m so glad you got the pictures, I’d been saving the older ones for you after I worked on my photo albums the last time.

  • Liz Dewsnap

    VERY NICE!!!

  • OH, that’s lovely! Makes me wish I could hide my clutter sometimes too… 😉

  • Oh, I love it! You must just want to sit in your beautiful little corner and continue to bask in the glory of it all… 🙂

  • I do bask in its innate marvelousness. I’ve written at my beautiful desk this week instead of slouching on the couch and ah… it is beautiful.

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