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Sunday was mother’s day. After spending the weekend away from the hunky hubby and my boys I was thrilled with the breakfast in bed that they all toiled and brawled over (“That  Mine Cin’mon Roll!”) and just spending the day with my cyclones. We visited Grandma Donna and went shopping at Costco. I figured it would be the height of romance if the hunky hubby picked up a Papa Murphy’s on the way home so that I didn’t have to cook.

After Costco we were driving around “looking” for Papa Murphy’s and drove by the new Olive Garden. I saw all of the people with their small children in tow waiting in line and said something along the lines of: “Are they insane! Sitting in a restaurant with their rampaging children and imagining that it might end up being remotely relaxing rather than something similar to a B class horror movie involving chainsaws and orangutans with poor eyesight.”

Strangely the hunky hubby decided to go right to the Wenatchee Papa Murphy’s instead of continuing his search for an East Wenatchee one. I began to fret. Then when we pulled up to Papa Murphy’s Sweet Boy#1 piped up in his darling voice from the backseat: “Is this the restaurant Daddy. Mama’s favorite restaurant that is bran new and she has never been to before?”

I burst into tears. I wanted to go to the restaurant. I wanted to brave the crowds and the 5 glasses of ice water that would be spilled and every conceivable restaurant horror. They had planned something for me. Together. Something special. Not practical per se…but special. So after listening to me try to convince him of my new found passion for fine Italian dining through my many sobs, the hunky hubby turned us around and back we went. It was a 75 min wait, so we played at the park until it was our turn. But it was a new and interesting experience to share with my fierce brood. The boys happen to love bread sticks, and Sweet Boy#2 ate the onions out of the hunky hubbies salad: “I’m so brave I eat onions.” And all in all it was a marvelous mothers day. In fact the boys asked if we could go back the next day…Can you guess my answer?


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  • Grandma Judy

    Wow! You made me laugh and tear up too. It’s amazing that the cyclones were able to keep the secret. They are growing up! What a wonderful day. Thank you for letting us in on the wonder.

    Love to you.

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