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I have never been at the forefront of technology. My 91 year old grandfather has a flat-screen TV and surround sound and twelve remote controls that the hunky hubby is forever having to hike down to their house to sort through for them. But the hunky hubby worked on me for years before we got a digital camera, years more for a cell phone and just this summer I was privy to the expression on a horrified teen’s face as she exclaimed: “You share a cell phone!”

But I, Kristen Joy Wilks as of Monday March 22 am now near the vanguard of digital book technology. I am the proud owner of a genuine Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader! I can store 1,500 tomes in my nook for easy reading pleasure. Carry my entire library with me in my purse. And if that is too little, I can visit a bookstore directly on my Nook and buy more books, and if I should desire more than 1,500 books at a time I can buy an extra memory card! Our small apartment is no longer the limiting factor to creating the library of my dreams. Classic books that I have long desired are just 99 cents. And most new releases come in at 10 bucks! The screen uses “virtual ink” and doesn’t hurt your eyes and I just read an entire book upon my Nook and while I do have a small muscle twitch in my right shoulder after clicking the page turn button so many times, I am truly in love.

And I, for the first time, was carrying some new gadget through the store and caught the eye of a young person who demanded to know the identity of the gadget and then promptly turned her nose up in destain declaring: “Don’t you like normal books!” Ha ha ha, I have earned the snide comments of the unenlightened masses, people like myself. For the first time in my life I am “one of those people” those on the vanguard of the reading future…blah blah blah blah…did I mention that I love my Nook? Just don’t try to get me to buy a second cell phone, or an ipod, or try netflicks, or face book, or learn how to use our 3 year old HP printer properly. I mean how many freakish new things can they fit into our little world?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

4 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • You crack me up! We only have one cell phone too! although we may get a prepaid one if Brian has to take more trips.
    And we are forever having to fix my parents TV/computer for them!
    Facebook though… can be kind of fun! 😉

  • Grandma Judy

    I am so proud of you and a wee bit envious. Do you think I could get study books for a nook or is it just novels that are available?

    Oh, aha, I have my OWN cell phone :0)

    Love to you.

  • Yes indeed, you can get non-fiction. However, most people like to draw in their non-fiction books and while you can highlight sections of text in your Nook, and bookmark multiple places, and leave notes to yourself about different portions of text, and you can do a word search in the book you are reading, and there is a built in dictionary… None-the-less despite all of this awesomeness, most people still like to color in their very own, paper and ink, non-fiction study book. Still, you might be the exception Mom.

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