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Sweet boy #3 had his second birthday this week and it is so bitter sweet. He is 2 years old! Not really a baby anymore. He was so excited to have everyone sing to him and worked really hard to blow out his candles and handed out party favors and opened gifts and licked a bunch of frosting off his cake! He’s just so big. He even made cake choices. He wanted a big round cake instead of cupcakes and he wanted a red cake. I found out that it takes an entire bottle of red food coloring to make a cake that is nearly red. It still looked a wee bit pink but I was absolutely not going to bust out a second bottle of coloring. It was a great success and despite all of the crying and unscheduled injuries and brawls that accompany a mixture of cake and small children when packed into a single contained space, we all survived, mostly. The hunky hubby did hobble home from Grammy’s with that post traumatic stress gleam in his eye, but I think some sleep, Advil, and a quick board game or two will revive him in time for next year.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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