Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“Your beard is made of hair…not yogurt or water or soap?” You can tell what my boys make beards out of.

Sweet Boy#3–“I want that guy.”
Momma–“It might bite you.”
Sweet Boy#3–“But I love mosquitos.”

Sweet Boy#2–“When I grow up I’m going to invent Alien Jelly-fishes that can survive in anything!”

Sweet Boy#2–“I want to make a tasty treat to show how much I love you…I know, cake!”

Sweet Boy#2–Momma, I have three nostrils!”

Sweet Boy#3–“On mine tippy toes I’m 5, on the bottom of mine toes I’m not.”

Momma–“How did Greg’s surgery go?”
Daddy–Joking–“Well, he lost his arm.”
Sweet Boy#2–Eyes wide–“Did he get a robot arm!”

Sweet Boy#1–“Treemonster uses his 7 tongues to clean the whip cream off of himself.”

Sweet Boy#3–“This is mine breathing weapon.”–A snorkel.

Sweet Boy#2–“Please can you look for another moth for me to care about?”

Sweet Boy#3–“Ants feel like Cheerios.” Steps on an ant barefoot, accidentally I hope.

Sweet Boy#1–“It’s just me and (sweet boy#2), we’ll include you in the next fight.” He assures his little brother.

Sweet Boy#1–“He’s trying to color on me! He does all sorts of evil things like that.” Talking about Sweet Boy#3.

Sweet Boy#3–“Daddy stepped on mine nose and it started bleeding.”
Very accurate description. The hunky hubby was coming down a ladder and Sweet Boy#3 was standing right behind him.


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