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Finally, after twelve years of writing classes and rejection I have something to show for my literary efforts. Nope, I didn’t get paid. And no the book isn’t all mine. But someone has published my words… kind of (four editorial letters and many changes went into these four small pages of text) on pages 203-206 and I did get a fifteen dollar book for free.

And so can you!

Nancy B. Kennedy has two other books in this series, one with stories from Military Chaplains and one with stories from Doctors. This book has fifty stories from moms and mine is in chapter 42. Because I am a contributor…drum roll please…I get to give away a free book!

So, comment on this blog post by writing a mothering Haiku. I will put those who comment into a Seattle Seahawks hat and one of my fierce little boys (who are always impartial) will draw out the winning name. Then the publisher will mail you your very own fifteen dollar book. Ok, I want to see some brilliant Haikus. Remember, five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. Like this:

Sugar Cereal

Star Blazers and Scooby Doo

I love Saturday

Or you could be fabulous, touching, and literary, either way. Good luck and have fun with your Haiku.

Oh, if you are not the winner, the book is on sale at Barnes and Noble right now for under $10.





I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

11 thoughts on “Win the Book!

  • A screaming newborn
    Haven’t slept for days
    New mother issues

  • I love your Haiku Nicole. Brings me back to those late late nights. My Hubby would take a 3 hr shift and then I would. He however bought a new video game for each new baby, shielded the little one’s face with a blanky and played Zelda, or PickMan or Animal Crossing (depending on which baby it was) and snuggled our baby. I tried the rocking chair, not as successful since I had to actually set the baby down once he went to sleep.

  • They call it ‘colic’
    But knowing the name means squat
    When she cries all night

  • Love it Mike! So true, a diagnosis don’t make it any prettier. Our middle boy had a very big cry (he is still our loudest) and Scruff would rock him against his shoulder, holding him with one arm and plugging his ear with the other.

  • Want to take a nap
    Always one child making noise
    Someday I will sleep

  • mamagriffith

    My stomache does ache
    From snitching childrens candy
    Mommy give it back

  • Nice naptime Haiku Krista-Lynn. Have you noticed a theme here? With three it is never really quiet (4:00am is pretty good) must be that much more so with four. Didn’t the girls just turn a year? How did they enjoy it? And Rolana…I love it, too bad I’m not there to make chocolate avocado cookies for you. Can’t wait until spring break!

  • TV all day
    Cuddle all day
    Sick child at home

  • I was the sick one at our house Meesook, but did anyone cuddle me…well some short little nurses did prescribe the “wrestling cure” where they run and jump on you to see if you will get better. Does that work for your little sick one?

  • It is occasionally semi quiet around 4pm in my house… maybe! 😉
    And the girls will be one on Friday. 🙂 But we are having a party the first weekend of April, on a Saturday. If you want to come message/email me and I will send you an invite (by mail rather than by husbands since you probably wouldn’t get it until well after if I did it that way! 😉

  • I thought they were about to turn one! So crazy. You do have a lot of birthdays in March. I think the cousins are going to be up at our house about then so I better not put a birthday party into the mix, but have fun and remember that hermitt crab cupcakes are always a hit (Sweet Boy#2’s favorite)

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