Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


I was volunteering in Sweet Boy#3’s class and two little girls asked for my help with a math problem. As arranged beforehand (I’m terrible at math), I  ask my son how he would solve the problem. He scoots over and sits on my lap, looks at the girls, points at the math page and in a totally serious voice says: “OK, ladies.” He then proceeded with his explanation while I squelched an amused chuckle at seeing my ten-year-old, sitting on my lap, address these girls in such a suave manner. Oh, my! Every time he talks to a girl in the future, I think I will see this moment. First date, Senior Prom … I probably should bookmark this blog post so that I remember to share this story at his wedding, right?

Sweet Boy#2–Comes home from school today and informs me that storing food in his tennis shoes was definitely a bad idea. Why? Because now his shoes smell like tuna fish and lunch meat. They did not properly train me for this moment in mothering school and so I simply nod.

Our sons are 10, 13, and 14. We thought they might calm down in the wrestling and roughhousing department. Although we live in a two bedroom apartment and there really isn’t room to run and smash and tackle … we were sadly mistaken. They seem to manage.

Sweet Boy#3–Screaming–“Get off me!!!” I walk into our bedroom to see my middle son sitting on top of my youngest son in a determined and immovable manner.

Sweet Boy#2–“I can’t break my promise. I won’t get off him until I get back my potato!!!”

Sweet Boy#1–“I almost have it.”  He says as he’s stretching under our bed where apparently his youngest brother hid Sweet Boy#2’s beloved potato.

Why this potato is so important, I have no idea. But finally, the potato is recovered and I am able to shoo all three boys outside where their screaming won’t echo quite so much and their potatoes won’t get stuck under our bed.


I hear aggravated yelling from the stairs and laundry room area right after I tell the boys to go outside. I investigate. Apparently, Sweet Boy#1 and Sweet Boy#3 have just stolen Sweet Boy#2’s new fleece “Grandma Judy Pants” right off of his body. After the theft, while being chased down by a wrathful, undie-clad brother, they stuff the “Grandma Judy Pants” into the washing machine on top of a finished load. They have just enough time to throw in a soap packet, slam the lid shut, and turn the washer on before the furious Sweet Boy#2 barrels down upon them in all his righteous fury. Thankfully, the pants are not yet damp and can be returned to Sweet Boy#2 just in time for me to once again usher them all outside, where they belong, with the wild animals.


And a moment with Leia from last year (I found an old paper with this written on it). As we are riding home in the car, Princess Leia Freyja fails to notice a bear crossing the road. What she does notice, is a ziploc bag full of dark chocolate truffles from Grammy and Grandpa’s 75th wedding anniversary. She ignores the bear and proceeds to attack the truffles, snorking down the entire bag. In fact, just to be thorough, she eats the plastic bag as well. We have a fierce chocolate hunter on our hands folks!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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