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Sweet Boy#2– My middle boy and I had an epic negotiation over whether or not he was allowed to read a literary novel for teens that he brought home from the school library. After much thought and prayer, I gave him the go ahead, with the understanding that he would not read everything by this author (I looked up the pros and cons for each of the novels online). Sweet Boy#2 finished it at lightning speed and then suggested that I read it myself. In fact, he hid the book I was currently reading (Inkspell) in the cracker cabinet so that I had no choice but to join him on this literary journey. He was right. Yes, there were some questionable moments, but all in all it was a fabulous book. Finding that balance of protecting our sweet babies and letting our young men begin to make their own decisions is so very difficult, but this time it was such a joy to share a book with my middle guy.

Sweet Boy#2–Sweet Boy#2 has developed a love affair with quinoa. We purchased this seed/grain of Aztec origin in our quest for heart healthy food after our lovely vacation to the cardiac unit at our local hospital. The Hunky Hubby has eaten some, but Sweet Boy#2 consumed quinoa for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday! Eventually, we ran out of butter for his newest bowl. I informed him of our sad, butterless state. But all was not lost! Sweet Boy#2 ran to his bunk bed, climbed up to access the bookshelf above where he slept, rummaged about among his books, and darted back with a mostly whole stick of butter in hand! Apparently, he had gotten hungry in the middle of the night and thought that a stick of butter, hidden nearby, was the answer … .

Sweet Boy#1 and Sweet Boy#3–Sweet Boy#1 and I were moving an old mattress down the stairs and outside to the lawn. It was quite an epic wrestling match but finally we got the enormous thing propped up onto Sweet Boy#1’s back and I steadied it while he rushed it across to the lawn where Sweet Boy#3 had set up the box springs until our next run to the dump (trampoline anyone?). Well, Sweet Boy#3 was already curled up on the box springs and so of course Sweet Boy#1 dumped the huge mattress on top of him. Simultaneously, Princess Leia Freyja saw the best dog bed ever approaching and positioned herself to leap onto that amazing piece of canine comfort as soon as it was properly placed. The mattress toppled down, Princess Leia Freyja leaped, Sweet Boy#3 found himself smashed between the box spring and the mattress with a 103 lb dog positioned on top like a huge furry cherry. He screamed! Princess Leia Freyja started back in horror. Her boy was trapped, how to save him, how to save him? With furious intensity, our furry princess threw herself into life-saving digging upon the surface of that big bad mattress in order to save her boy. Of course, this meant that she was still on top of him and we were unable to extract him as she attempted to dig straight through. Finally, I got her shoved aside and lifted up the mattress to reveal a laughing little boy who was immediately silenced by a flurry of resuscitating snurffles and slurps. Then we made certain that everyone stayed on TOP of the mattress and all three boys and Leia jumped and napped to their hearts’ content.

Sweet Boy#2–It can be difficult to know how to connect with your kids once hugs and kisses and songs and ruffling (or brushing) their hair become poison to them. My middle boy now hisses and growls at me while forming claws with his fingers and a ferocious expression with his eyebrows if I attempt to hug him. Does this mean that my mothering days are over? Am I now simply an obsolete grumpy person who resides in the house only to make certain that people eat vegetables and go to bed. Not so! I prayed for new ways to connect with these handsome (and hissing) young men who have suddenly occupied our house and lo and behold, a connection opportunity was offered to me … if I was willing to learn a new skill. Sweet Boy#2 informed me that I really should make a character so that I could play an epic Middle Earth themed RPG with him, his brothers, our neighbor, and The Hunky Hubby. Now, Role Playing Games are not my favorite. They take forever and require lots of (you guessed it) rolling of dice and strategy and include very little romantic comedy. But when your son looks at you with those big blue eyes and actually wants you to do something with him … so now I am the proud owner of my own Hobbit Scholar, Trillium Bolger (Fatty Bolger’s long lost cousin) who carries a hand-crafted slingshot as her ranged weapon and if needed can use a massive book as a melee weapon! Twack!!! The Lord is ever gracious to answer our requests.



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