Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

After watching vintage monster movies this week (one where a giant tarantula attackes a town in New Mexico and one where a giant octopus destroys Big Ben) Sweet Boy#2 and Sweet Boy#3 were pretending that they were giant creatures. Sweet Boy#2 tell his brother—“Let’s tear down London together!”

Sweet Boy#3 is doing his laundry and stuffs his blanket into our new washer—“Oh Blanky, it’s the first time you’ve been washed in this new thing. It’s a new experience for you. You’ll go around and around and around…”

Sweet Boy#3 turns on the radio and we dance to classical music together while I do dishes and he folds laundry—good times.

Sweet Boy#3—“I like the boxer undies because I’m going to be a boxer when I grow up. A boxer, a mad scientist, and a…what’s that called…an archeologist.” Hey, dreams are good…right?


Sweet Boy#3—Is folding his laundry and discovers clear evidence of macro-evolution occuring within the rumpled mounds of clothes—“Look what the dryer did!” He holds up a single folded shirt.

Momma—“I think that Momma or Daddy must have accidentally folded one of your shirts and then put it in your laundry basket.

Sweet Boy#3—“How bout the washer AND dryer?”

Momma—“They folded it together?”

Sweet Boy#3—“Yeah, one did this way and one did that way.”

Wow, amazing things are happening all around us.


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  • Liz Dewsnap

    I want one of those washer/dryer sets….. 🙂

  • Well, it only did one shirt out of the whole load…but perhaps it will evolve further and start doing two or three.

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