A Movie Review

A good friend and I drove over the mountains, went shopping, spent over an hour loitering in a specialty tea store, and met my lovely sister and company to attend an afternoon showing of the long awaited “New Moon.” We loved it! The movie was hilarious the whole way through. Edward entered the scene walking slo-mo through the Forks High parking lot in all of his cold skinned, mussy haired, blood slurping glory. There was an abundant amount of longing glances and glitter as well as a bit of vomit and some earsplitting nightmares.

Thank goodness they didn’t lose the cheese factor in this one. We were able to spend a fair share of time giggling over Bella’s gasping and sporadic breathing whenever Edward was within 100 yards and of course her floating near dead in the waves next to a psychological imprint of Edward that kept popping up in her head.

Jacob Black did steal the show and cause a few of the more susceptible 12-year-olds to swoon when he ripped off his shirt and flexed his bi-ceps right under Bella’s nose in order to press the cottony shirt against a recent head wound she had acquired.

I loved the scene where the wolves devoured Laurant. Very cool. Oh and the wolves wrestling reminded me of my Beloved dog Shamu and so that got a thumbs up from me.

A marvelous movie experience. Vampires, wolves, swooning, head wounds, floating watery dances with imaginary boys after a recent cliff dive, it had it all. So fun.

But to really get the play by play of this…epic… piece of cinematography you must read my lovely sister’s painfully precise review. She was able to remeber every excruciating detail where as I recall a lot of laughing, popcorn nibbling, and choking on beverages. She is gifted enough to give her longing audience an exact outline of the multitude of reasons that caused our delightful movie experience.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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