Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

My lovely sister-in-law and I continue our writing exercises this week with the topic: The Origin of the Light Bulb. If you should care to add your very own light bulb thoughts to the comments, we would of course jump up and down with wild delight. Her opinion of all things “light bulb” can be reached at: mamagriffith.blogspot.com .

The Origin of the Light Bulb

Our light bulbs are always birthed from sales. The hunky hubby, due to countless hours spent trudging after his grandmother to every yard sale in the Pacific Northwest when he was young and impressionable, is a sale hound. If it is on sale, we must have it. If it is not on sale, we obviously don’t need it. And so our light bulbs come in large super saver packages which at times are the correct size and wattage for the various lamps and ceiling lights that adorn our apartment. At other times they were simply on sale and necessary although the wattage causes instant headaches and much squinting and the only fixture they actually fit is that one in the bathroom which requires the odd bubble shaped fat bulbs of doom. We currently have an enormous package of odd bubble shaped fat bulbs of doom, which does us little good when a normal bulb fizzles into oblivion. This has recently occurred with the light directly above this computer. But never fear, when the next sale occurs our home shall be overflowing with light bulbs of that model and make, and life will be well lit once more.

Note: absolutely no sarcasm or exaggeration was used in the creation of this post. I love you hunky hubby!


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  • Grandma Judy

    I love your hunky hubby too and am always impressed by his “sale” shopping skills. That is probably why he is so good at math, having to figure out which product is the best price per oz. and that sort of thing.

    Much love to you, my dear.

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