Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

This week my lovely sister and I shall Give Your Character A Storm of Maniacal Weeping and a Killer Snack. For her version please click here.

Give Your Character A Storm of Maniacal Weeping and a Killer Snack

Bosomella flicked her fingernail against the decorative birdcage and counted the stones on the south wall of her tower, again. All of the furniture had been removed and Miss Borka (knowing a fairies philosophy concerning personal tidiness) had ordered that every time a maid swept a room, she was to empty its contents onto Bosomella’s tower floor. The maids had been working feverishly today, not only sweeping out the rooms, but also the 5.2 fireplaces.

Her materials were gone, she had a thimble full of water and a single crust of ill-salted garlic bread to eat. It had been there for a week. Bosomella plonked her small forehead against the bars in despair but just then a familiar chittering filled the room. Had Miss Borka captured those evil squirrels to torment her at the very height of her misery?

Her visitor was indeed a squirrel. Grey, puffy, nervous. A squirrel. But instead of a second attack, the small beast climbed up to her cage and slipped half an acorn through the bars. Inside the hollowed out shell was a light tan paste with something dark brown drizzled over the top and just a dab of cream on top. Bosomella stared at the treat. Was it poisoned? She snatched it up and drew a huge scoop of the mixture to her mouth. Who cared.

Poisoned or not it was delicious. Acorn mousse, with dark chocolate drizzle, a puff of cream, and hazelnuts lightly sprinkling the top. Well worth an agonizing death. Then the squirrel skittered up the walls with a second one and Bosomella burst into tears, sobbing till her nose ran and her eyes were saggy and red. Squirrels were so wonderful. Beautiful Beautiful animals. Then she licked the cream off the top of the second dessert and the tears returned in earnest. Yum!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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