Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

This weeks writing assignment. All Dialogue. I sort of managed it. To read my lovely sister’s version please click here.

All Dialogue

“The moose has come. The moose has come!” Bosomella felt a burning in her throat and realized that she had been screaming.

“Forget the moose and drink this you silly little thing.”

“You don’t understand. The moose, the mountains, the gnashly beast…”

“Your right. I have no idea what your screeching about. Now drink this or I swear by the floating monks of Scatchenliklieve that I will pinch your ear and poor it down your throat.”

“No.” Bosomella tried to push past the thick dark of the woods in her mind. The charging moose, the fangs and twin mouths of the gnashly beast, the smell of musk and the touch of snow crystals against her lashes. “Don’t pinch my ear, I’ll drink it.”

“Honestly, I’m not fond of watching anyone writhe in pain but all of that about the moose was getting old 20 minutes ago.”

“Cough cough. I think I’m about to scatter acorns all over your rug. Where did you get that stuff?”

“Well… you know how skilled they are. And really most of the stories. I mean some of them have got to be fabricated and–”

“You got it from the monks! The floating monks of Scatchenliklieve! What is in it? And how did you make it out of the monestary?”

“I don’t know… and I sent someone.”

“Did they return?”


Their eyes met for a long terrible instant before Bosomella turned away from Miss Borka and did indeed scatter acorns all over the rug.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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