Writing News

Writing News

Yeah! I get to report a wonderful week of writing. I actually got up early enough to write every day and get stuff done. Although the end of the story only had some tweaking here and there to make it match the changes I made at the beginning, so things went much faster. I read and revised Ch. 29, Ch. 30, Ch. 31, Ch. 32, Ch. 33, Ch. 34, Ch. 35, Ch. 36, Ch. 37, Ch. 38, Ch. 39, Ch. 40, and the Epilogue. That’s right, Rough Draft #7 is complete. This time my story went from 87,702 words to a plump 90,171. Now I have to be incredibly careful about word count. This is large for a YA, especially by an unknown writer. And at reaching the 90,000 mark my book has hit the exact place where many publishers would prefer a book for the adult market to stay much less one for teens. I dare not let it eat any more doughnuts. I’m going to need to do a cutting revision at some point to try to shave off the extra 171 words and cut something whenever I add new material. Oh, but it feels good to get this revision out of the way. Now on to Rough Draft #8!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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