Writing News

Writing News

I played a bit of catch up this week. Since I finished my first round of Mexico Research I will soon be leaping into the bran new territory of outlining my story. Overturned was not outlined and tended to sprawl if I didn’t keep a tight reign on it. But before I could outline, I had to collect all of my brilliant world shattering ideas and put them into a form that I could use.

Now the aforementioned world shattering ideas have accumulated upon random scraps of paper for the past 2 months into a daunting heap. I usually transfer them to my computer sooner than this but the research consumed me and the thicker my stack of paper scraps became, the more I put it off. I transferred notes all this week and one day last week and am still not finished. To date I’ve entered the nearly unreadable scribblings from 73 scraps of paper into Dietrich my laptop. Many of these I wrote late at night and my penmanship shows it. Sometimes I just guess at what something says, or stare at the paper wondering if my alter ego is abusing substances without my knowledge. I entered them all, coherent or not, legible or not, I plunked them into Dederich. I have probably 2 hours worth to go next week and then on to discover what makes my characters tick.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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