Writing News

Writing News

This is so fun!

This week I was able to complete the next step in the publishing process. Once Pelican Book Group got my signed contract in the mail, I got an online packet of information. On their author’s website I signed in for the first time where I read an informational packet and found out that I had three tasks to complete before the process could move forward. I needed to fill out the Discussion Questions Form, the Manuscript Info form, and the Book Cover Info form.

On the Manuscript Info form I submitted back cover copy, an author bio, one sentence synopsis, key words, and other general info about the book. On the Discussion Question form I came up with ten discussion questions about the book. Finally the scariest form of all. The cover info form held everything that the design team would use to design my cover. Now some of the pressure is taken off me because this is a series. All the Passport to Romance books have a similar cover. So I know that much of the design is set. But it was still nerve racking to try and think of everything I could to help the designers get a picture of my story. This form had a place where I described the tone of the book. I also filled in a paragraph about both the hero and heroine. Then I left the links to photos of the places my heroine visited in Denmark and of Newfoundland dogs. Finally, I wrote one sentence that may or may not be used on the cover and described what I felt was the most important element in the book’s cover. I worked on this for several days and eventually got it mailed off to my editor. Now we can move forward. I also worked on critiquing a memoir for a friend. A busy and exciting week.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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