Writing News

Writing News

This week I continued to go through my 26 single spaced pages of ideas and cull most of the horrid ones and place the good ones somewhere in my chapter outline. Last week I had gotten to the point where there was something written on each chapter and so this week I ran into a problem.

Sometimes an idea was written down more than once in my notes. You know: momentary dementia, amnesia, attacks of rampaging swine. Many things occurred to cause this lapse. But as I was adding an item I would begin to wonder. Did I already put this in here somewhere? Was in in Ch. 2 or Ch. 22? Think think think think…

And so I would scroll down and up and down and up and unable to find where I had placed my character’s battle with the Mexican squids of doom I would put it where I thought it should go, only to find that I’d thought it should go somewhere totally different two days before.

And thusly, my decision to print off my chapter outline and cut out my ideas and stick them onto it via scotch tape. I laid each chapter out on the floor and cut and taped and finally when the week was over I was victorious!

My Glorious Chapter Outline
My Glorious Chapter Outline

All of those little blue papers are my marvelous ideas. I tried to stack them on top of each other for each chapter so that I could flip through my ideas like a cute little book…but you know how these things go.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

2 thoughts on “Writing News

  • mamagriffith

    perfect kiddo runway! I bet they drooled over the chance of stomping those non crinkled bages into oblivian! Min certanly would.

  • Grandma Judy

    Great idea. Looked good when I saw it last week. Did I say how much I enjoyed our day together?! 🙂

    Love to you.

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