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The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

This week I caught Sweet Boy#3 sternly placing his fingers against his temples, staring hard at his brother’s and pretending to shoot them with his lazer eyes.

All 3 boys spread about a cup of dry oatmeal all over the living room carpet…just because. But on the bright side, they are getting really good with the broom and dustpan.

Both of my younger sons surpass me at math. Sweet Boy#2 does 20-2=18 in his head, and I graciously offer to help Sweet Boy#3 attempt to do math games on the computer. The problem is 4+6 and I am certain that he could never figure out something so difficult, he’s not even 4 yet. So I tell him “click on the 8” he obstinately clicks on 10…which of course is the right answer. I’m thoroughly humiliated…and terribly proud.

I find a bunch of coffee beans in Sweet Boy#2’s special keeps drawer.

I find a partially licked tootsie pop underneath Sweet Boy#2’s pillow.

Sweet Boy#1–Took the scissors to our half-full milk carton, snipping a hole in the handle. Now we pour milk very very carefully.

Sweet Boy#2–Plays an imaginary game wherein he is a baby duck named “Mustardy Fire”.

But the winner this week…

This was one of those moments, argh! My middle boy had made a crown out of an old piece of wire from camp. My oldest wanted a crown as well. We informed him that we did not have any more old wire. He was certain that he had seen some over where they had just torn down the old bell tower. That sounded probable and so I allowed him to go over and look. He came back proudly clutching a large handful of wire…and a pair of scissors. I looked closely, there were caps on the wires. I quizzed him sternly. Apparently the wires were not as loose as he had at first imagined. He pulled and pulled and none of them came free. And so being a resourceful boy he got some scissors and cut a handful of wire out of the ground. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Wild lecturing and severe consequences ensued. That had been the wiring for the lights that were to go up on the new bell tower once they built it. Luckily the breaker had been turned off, but still we told our small son every scary electricity related tale we had ever encountered. How do they think of these things? Really, I want to know.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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