Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I have almost finished Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire by The Miller Brothers. This book starts out with a bang and is generally more fast paced than the first one. I’m enjoying the fun new plot elements like the sky ships and the critter he picks up. I’ve just gotten to a symbolic prison scene and I love that moment where you totally get an allegory. You know where the author is headed and love the symbolism and spiritual insight that comes with it. What did I learn from my reading this week? That if you can hide the spiritual part of a story for most of the book and then Pop!, reveal it, you can create a wonderful story moment that resonates with your reader. The prison scene was that way for me.

On a different note: I have been asked to become the “Thursday Girl” on the blog Faith Friends and Frappuccinos and my introduction blog is today. Go ahead and click on over if you so desire. Click Here for Frappuccino Kristen.


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