Game Night

The Hunky Hubby had guys up to play games over New Years. Being a mom of 3 I hardly ever play games with him anymore. But he just got a new one that one can complete in less than 6 hours. Telestrations, it’s a party game not a strategy game but despite being unmanly he and 5 other guys played it and invited me to join. (reminds me of our dating days when the Hunky Hubby and I would go out to a romantic dinner at Taco Bell and see some shoot em up movie with us and ten random guys) Anyway, this game is like telephone and pictionary mixed together. You write down a word, draw a picture, pass it, the next person guesses the word and writes it down, passes it, the next person draws a picture and passes it, the next person writes down their guess as to what the word is…You do this 8 times. Very fun. My word started out as “whipped cream” and ended up as “drawn and quartered”. Hmmmmm?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

3 thoughts on “Game Night

  • Oo, we call that ‘telephone pictionary’. We do it where each person playing has their own stack, then when the word or phrase gets all the way back to you, you tell a little story with the words on one side and the pictures on the other 🙂 super fun!!

  • That sounds like a really fun variation.

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